To MOOC, or not to MOOC?

That is the dilemma of the week.

Totally deviating from the norm today – not going to talk about information literacy OR about Massive. (Not directly, anyways).

I’m thinking about taking a MOOC!

There’s a course on EdX called Intro to Game Design that started yesterday – incidentally, the same day I had a sort of revelation that I might want to build learning games for my career. (I’m not completely ruling out a return to the classroom, but I’m completely fascinated by the concept of play as a more authentic form of learning, of promoting growth by working to build and sustain motivation through feedback and fun!)

My biggest concern is being able to handle a MOOC on top of my current courseload – anyone with experience taking MOOCs have any insight to offer on this? I’m completely excited about this course, but I don’t want to make myself crazy.



3 thoughts on “To MOOC, or not to MOOC?

  1. I think you should absolutely do it! If it’s something you’re interested in, you’ll make time for it. Sure, we all have a lot on our plates – but if this is an interest of yours, then go explore it! (and why not now, while you’re at Harvard?)


  2. Carli says:

    I think you should go for it! The nice thing about MOOCs is that there are often varying levels of participation that you can choose from, so you can at least start and see whether you think it fits your needs and whether you can fit at least parts of it into your time. I’m currently taking a MOOC and though I frequently feel like it is a bit much with everything else I have going on, it is on a topic I am very interested in, so I have enjoyed making time for it each week. Hopefully this class will be the same for you!


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